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Set over 24 hours this play explores the cogs that drive the city and the people within it. Whether they are rushing through Covent Garden, changing at Bank, sleeping through their alarms or just drinking a cider on the Thames. Come and see the big smoke and the stories of the people that live there.

When Original Impact first assembled a motely collection of young actors and writers, it was with the intention to devise, improvise and create theatre around a couple of root ideas. We would spend a few hours a week in an eccentric rehearsal venue with questionable plumbing, absolutely no health and safety and a resident rat that we artistically named Ratticus. We made each other laugh a lot, talked and produced little sketches for our own (And Ratticus’) amusement only. 

‘Politics’ was one of our roots, and as the country approached the election, our sessions began to centre on this. In a generation crippled by debt, with no hope of ever owning their own house, no party speaking for them, we discovered that this group of twenty somethings had very much in common. We were all desperately signing petitions, reading manifestos, rallying and trying to bring about change. We discussed the things that scared us, never being able to afford children, our peculiar reliance on online dating to find a partner, the feeling that you should have grown up by now, got it sorted, and every day being disappointed in yourself that you haven’t. We spoke to our friends and colleagues and found that this fear and disillusionment was widespread, particularly in London, the city we all loved and lived in. And we found that no one was speaking about it.

So A Working Title was created. We channelled our worries, our passion and the joy we found in our city into a one hour play. We celebrate the moment as you sit by the Thames with an over-priced house white and watch the sun setting over the oily water, the freedom of living in a city with eight million strangers, the opportunity that London brings in all her dirty corners. 

We opened the play on the 25th, and it was worth months of work to see hearts swell in the audience, eyes glisten in recognition, their laughter and complicity with us. We also saw, reflected in them, a generation who will not stop, who will push for change, will push to be heard, will make our futures better. Original Impact are not alone in exploring these issues, across the country political theatre is being made and young people are making it. 

What a terribly exciting time to be alive, and twenty-five.

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Alexandria Anfield

Directing Credits: 
A Working Title (Camden Fringe); Skyride (Stanwix Arts Theatre); Rukus in the Garden (The Lowry); Once upon a Mattress (Spectrum High School).

Other Credits: 
Sweeney Todd (Vivo D’Arte), Chrissy in A Working Title (Camden Fringe); Dancer in Something Spoken (RootedMoon International Theatre Festival); Nellie in Bus Stop (BFI Imax); Nadia in Click Away (International Tour); Hollie in The Cost of Living (The Rag Factory); Woman 1 in Songs for a new World (Stanwix Arts Theatre); Maureen in Rent (BlackEden Productions); Lucy in How I learned to drive (Stanwix Arts Theatre).


Megan Jenkins 

Megan made her west end debut in the original London cast of Cool Rider (The Lyric).

Other Credits include: 
Taryn in Island Song (St James Theatre); Lady Capulet in Romeo and Juliet (The Cockpit) and Adriana in The Comedy of Errors (Oxford Shakespeare Festival). Currently touring in The Sex Factor and Network (Tip of the Iceberg Theatre Company). 
A Working Title is her first full play, that debuted in 2015.





Holly Ashman

Holly trained at The School of Creative Arts.

Theatre credits include:
Trash (The White Bear); City Shorts: Fit for Work(The Rosemary Branch); Jog On (Tristan Bates); The Snow Queen (Harlow Playhouse); Would Madame Like a Line with her Blowdry? (The Selkirk Upstairs); The Sequel (London Welsh Centre); Spooked! (Vienna’s English Theatre/Tour); Romeo and Juliet, A Midsummer Nights Dream (Cambridge Shakespeare Festival); Working It Out (Mansion House); Chelsea Choice’s (UK Tour); Young Writer’s Festival (Arts Richmond/Orange Tree Theatre).




Ash Goosey

Ash Goosey Graduated with an MA in Dance Performance and Choreography in 2015.

Theatre Credits include: 
Dancer in MACHO, (Dance City, Newcastle); Dancer in CoMission, (The Albany, London); Marie in The Sun Shining On Her Hands (Bread & Roses Theatre); Dancer in Something Spoken (RootedMoon International Theatre Festival); Dancer in 23:21 (Shift Dance Company); Robbie in The Wedding Singer (Stanwix Arts Theatre); Woof in Hair (Stanwix Arts Theatre); Man 2 in Songs for a new World (Stanwix Arts Theatre).




Will Gillham

Will graduated from Drama Studio London in 2015.

Theatre credits include: 
London Wall (The New Diorama); Underexposed (The Old Red Lion); Cinderella (UK Tour); Hay Fever (Upstairs at the Gatehouse / UK Tour).







Christina Henne Holmbek

Christina trained at the École International de Théâtre de Jaques Lecoq, and at the Oslo School of Music and Culture.

Theatre credits include:
Sans cravate c'est mieux (Théâtre de la Girandole); Le fils (Forstudium Teater); Asymbiose(Cafeteateret); Six characters in search of an author (The theatre barn); Alice in Wonderland (The Theatre Barn); Stine and the mystery of the stolen shells (VilVite Science Center); Sleeping Beauty (Tour).




Jessica Kearney

Jessica trained at The Oxford School of Drama.

Theatre credits include:
Bethan in Ratchet (Soho Theatre); Octavius in Julius Caesar (North Wall Arts Centre); Terrorism (Oxford School of Drama) and Olga in Three Sisters (Oxford School of Drama).






Elicia Moon Murphy

Elicia Moon Murphy trained at the Italia Conti Academy of Performing Arts. 

Theatre credits include:
The Game of Love and Chance (The Barron's Court Theatre); TIE tour of Romeo & Juliet and Into the Woods (The Avondale Theatre); One night in London and Babe the Sheep Pig (Royal Shakespeare Company).